Book of Gates

Book of Gates

Theme and storyline

This game is based on an ancient Egyptian legend and gives the feeling of a mysterious environment.
The name of the slot is derived from an ancient text that describes the passage of souls to the next realm.
Players find themselves at an entrance gate guarded by an Egyptian god. Similar to the souls in the legends, they must undergo a series of tests before they can pass through the gate. Against the backdrop of a dark and eerie sunset, players search for patterns in symbols that resemble hieroglyphs and try to keep the gods on their side.

Mythology fans will be captivated by this mysterious world.

Graphics and sounds

The music is awe-inspiring and conveys an atmosphere of the underworld. The soothing music is not distracting and can be very relaxing indeed. Listeners feel as if they are in a tranquil spa.

The spins trigger a ringing sound. This gives the impression that the players are experiencing a mystical ordeal.

The sunset in the desert, which can be seen in the background, is beautifully designed. It is like the changing of worlds. The animation style used Hieroglyphics, the gods and other hieroglyphics emphasises fantasy rather than archaeology, but that is part of the excitement.
The reels seem to be quite small. Players may want to play in full screen mode for a better experience.
Overall, the front is an aesthetically pleasing fantasy world.


Book of Gates is a slot machine with five reels. Players get between two and five symbols per reel column. This is determined by chance. Three additional hidden rows that can be seen on the respins.

To win the game, you have to hit nearby symbols (from left to right), regardless of their size. In the end, the base game has more than 3,125 chances to win.
The three extra rows located above the main game area are gradually removed as players play respins. Each time players get a win, they get a chance to play a respin. After their first win, the row is revealed and the row is uncovered, giving players more winning opportunities. The same process is repeated for players' second and third respins until they can access each row.
However, this base game is not real and players may struggle to get into the flow of the game.

Bonuses, Wilds and Free Spins

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. The wild symbol can only appear on one reel at a time and can only be seen on reels 3, 2 and 4. It cannot appear on a single reel like a scatter symbol.
The scatter symbol is only present as a base symbol, i.e. the scatter symbol is placed on reels 1, 3 and 5.
Players who get 3 scatter symbols can get ten free spins. Each reel can contain five to eight symbols in the free spins round. This can increase the chance of winning up to 32,768.

RTP and variance

The return to player in the game of 96.03% is almost exactly the standard 96%.
The bets on the site that we tried range from a minimum bet per spin of €0.10 to a maximum of €200 per spin.
The high volatility of this game is extremely high. This makes it an ideal complement to our most popular slot strategies. Our slot strategies aim for the highest level of risk.


Despite the appealing graphics, this game is somewhat confusing while playing. The dark and mysterious setting is intriguing, but unable to captivate players, resulting in exploring the underworld of myth rather than travelling into it.

This lack of passion makes this slot incapable of making the most of its low RTP. Since there are few players attracted to this slot, its low quality statistics make it not a winner.

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