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End of Summer Season

1 syys - 30 syys

Celebrate the last days of bright sunshine with the End of Summer Season and share the prize pool of €25 000 of this season! There’s plenty of exciting offers and activities to take part of and as you play your favourite games, you’ll unlock rewards with each level completed and get one step closer to taking home the top prize of the Season.

Don’t miss all the goodies. Join in on the Christmas feeling


Voita isosti tällä kaudella!

We have loads of great offers this season. Get all the details about our season grand prize, booster days and more.


Some days our offers are a bit more generous compared to other days. We call these days "booster days". It means we'll add a bit extra to rewards, bonuses or tournament prizes. Keep an eye out for gold colored presents, that's how you know it is a booster day.

Nouse ylemmälle tasolle ja nappaa palkintosi

Pelaa mitä tahansa suosikkipeliäsi ja suorita haasteet jotka on mainittu etusivulla. Kun olet suorittanut kaikki tason haasteet saat hyvän palkinnon. Tarkistaaksesi minkä palkinnon saat tason suorittamisesta avaa "bonukseni ja palkintoni"-sivu.Detailed info and rules


Here are some of our most frequently asked question about our Christmas season.

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  • Mitä tarkoitetaan kaudella?
  • Mikä on taso?
  • Mikä on haaste?
  • Miten osallistun Wunderinon turnaukseen?
  • Miten voitan Wunderinon turnauksessa?
  • Mistä näen sijoitukseni kisassa?
  • Kuinka liityn Wunderinoon?